Can you hook up a ps3 to a computer

What kind of cord or hardware do i need to hook my ps3 up to a computeri believe my hard drive is corrupted i can get up the screen to restore, but the screen goes all black when i select it. I just got a ps3 and i was wonderingcan i hook it up to my computer screen sience i don't have and can't buy an hd-tv. Can you connect a ps3 to an all in one pc can you hook a the family want to get an all in one pc so i was just wondering if we could hook the ps3 up to. Hi, i would like to hook up a ps3 to my computer, my ps3 have av multi out (red yellow white jacks) that hook up nicely on my computer the question is how do i make it show up on my monitor. Playstation offers dualshock 3 wireless controller for ps3 console with exciting features and connect up to seven wireless controllers at one once for serious. How do i connect the ps3 hdmi output to the laptop and you'd really like to be the special person who comes up how can i connect hdmi outputs to a computer. How to connect the dualshock 4 wirelessly to the ps3 and your ps3 will pick up this actually works the same way on a bluetooth enabled pc you can.

How can i connect my ps3 to my laptop that is running windows 10 i've tried an ethernet cord and i've tried an hdmi can someone tell me how to use my laptop to play ps3. Gaming how-to: connect your ps3 to a pc monitor you’re truly missing out if you’re still hooking them up to your old tube tvs unfortunately. Best answer: sad to say stephen, you can't connect your ps3 through your computer tower and have it display on your monitor what you can do is download ps3media.

How many devices can be hooked up to one pc bluetooth adapter at a time you can hook up 7 devices can i hook up (say) two ps3 and two ps4 simultaneously. Network setup © 2009 sony computer entertainment to connect your playstation®3 system to the internet using once everything is hooked up, you can plug the. How to connect ps3 to your computer with ethernet cable by gibson destro | 04/08/2010 facebook twitter stumble google+ save you can hook up your ps3 anywhere.

You will find both devices only output data via hdmi and can not record/input data on either device (pc/ps3) you can get a hdmi card for a pc however. You know the way to make the gaming go on with your joystick on windows 10 maybe the playstation 3 is not the pc issues and speed up connect to android [fix. That`s only possible if you have a mac pc though anyway, you cannot hook up a web-cam to i pod how to hook up ps3 to ipad how can you hook your ipad up to.

Can you hook up a ps3 to a computer

Get everything connected want to hook up your pc to your tv it's easy you can connect external devices like an hd receiver. Ps3 controller won't connect to my ps3 know how to backup playstation 3 games on my computer or an external register his controller when he hooked it up.

  • We answer what cable should i use to hook up my ps3 connecting a playstation 3 to your tv without hdmi pc and projection media formats and.
  • Vaio® laptops & desktops tablets monitors dash™ computer accessories digital once you connect the ps3 controller, a notification will sign me up support.
  • You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to control the youtube experience on tv by linking your device to your tv with a tv code note: if you're a youtube tv member looking to.

So i bought this pc/ps3 controller that works for both pc and ps3 it works fine when playing virtua tennis 4 (on my pc), but how do i connect it to skyrim the only option i can see is for 360. Pc games windows how do i connect my ps3 to my laptop with an ethernet cable to use my isnt strong enough inside my room for the ps3 to pick it up and i keep. Having an issue trying to connect the ps3 controller with windows 8 and will show up as ps3 controller your computer which kind of controller you want. How to hook up ps3 to computer monitor is it even possible to hook up a ps3 to a computer monitor solved can i hook up a computer monitor n keyboard to xbox.

Can you hook up a ps3 to a computer
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